Student Leadership Board Application 2018-2019
Deadline for application - October 1, 2018.

Students will:
• Participate in meetings at the Holocaust Center for Humanity in downtown Seattle. (Absences are permitted with prior notice. Absences that do not have prior approval, or members who miss two or more meetings, may be dropped from the program.)
• Work in teams to plan and carry out a meaningful project that supports the Holocaust Center's mission and provides real-world leadership experience.
• Provide feedback on the Holocaust Center's programs and serve as ambassadors.
• Have the opportunity to hear from community leaders.
• Learn more about leadership, the Holocaust, human rights, genocide, and related local issues.
• Work with the Holocaust Center’s artifacts and local Holocaust survivors.
• Commit to serving on the Student Leadership Board for one year.
• Gain valuable leadership tools and experience, and earn recognition from the Holocaust Center at the completion of a year as part of a prestigious cohort of Student Leaders.

• Must be a current student in 7th – 11th grade. (Students in 12th grade may apply to continue to serve on the SLB if they were on the SLB as 11th graders.)
• Interested and eager to learn more about the Holocaust and related issues
• Work well with others of all ages
• Committed to planning and carrying out a project
• Able to participate meetings at the Holocaust Center for Humanity in downtown Seattle, November 2018 - June 2019

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