Dance Fest 2018 Registration
Please submit this form once for each partnership.

If you have any questions about registration, visit, or email the registrar at

When registering, please adhere to these restrictions:

- Remember that any individual can only dance in a particular event once. (E.g. John can dance Bronze American Cha Cha with Mary or Susan, but not both.)
- Each person may enter up to two consecutive proficiency levels per style. (E.g. John can dance Advanced Bronze and Silver Standard but not Advanced Bronze and Gold Standard. John can also dance Pre-Champ and Champ Latin, as it is a different style.)
- You may not dance mixed proficiency and amateur with the same partner.

Registration is $40 per student and $80 per adult and includes unlimited event entries, admission to all three sessions, and a program. You will be contacted by the registrar to confirm your registration and arrange payment.

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