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If you know a teacher, specialist, paraprofessional, pre-service teacher, principal, or superintendent who's keeping the learning going despite the current upheaval in routines and processes, nominate that person below, and we'll invite him or her to share during an "open mic" session for educators. We're particularly interested in quick-fix, low-cost, easy-to-implement moves that have led to engagement, connection, and learning for students and/or educators. We want others to take the approach and bring it to their classroom or school.

Note: Thank you for nominating a great educator. Upon receiving your nomination, we'll reach out to the nominee to encourage that person to apply to "step up to the mic." Some choose to apply; others decline. We apologize in advance that we cannot thank you personally for your nomination or follow-up directly regarding what your nominee chose to do. The best way to find out what happened is to tune in to the open mic sessions or check our blog for the latest information: Thank you for your understanding.
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