Pesta Ubin 2018
What is Pesta Ubin?
Pesta Ubin is Ubin Open House. It is an opportunity for those who love Ubin to share with the public their favourite aspects of Pulau Ubin. More details here

What kind of activities will be held on Pesta Ubin?
Everyone is welcomed to contribute suitable activities!

Activities suitable for Pesta Ubin should
* Highlight Ubin's unique charms. Its culture, kampung life, nature and wildlife, Ubin land and sea.
* Raise awareness of Pulau Ubin and issues on Pulau Ubin.
* Abide by the Ubin Way, see below.
* Activities must be open to the public, i.e., should not be open only to a selected group.
* Free activities without registration are the most popular. Such activities are encouraged. But activities with registration or those which charge fees to cover costs are also welcomed.

For an idea of the kinds of activities held, see the Pesta Ubin 2017 blog

The Ubin Way
Pesta Ubin is a great opportunity for visitors to experience and practice the kinder, gentler way of life on Ubin. Hopefully, visitors will practice the Ubin Way beyond Pesta Ubin. With this in mind, please consider incorporating these elements of the Ubin Way in your activity:

* On Ubin, we greet others we meet. With a smile, a "Hello", "How was your day on Pulau Ubin?" Leave the city attitude behind! Respect the culture and get to know the people of Ubin.
* On Ubin, we do not litter. We pick up litter that we see. And bring litter back to the mainland.
* On Ubin, we are gentle with wildlife that we share the island with. So no balloons please, they kill marine life and wild life. Avoid noisy activities near wild places. Practice gentle nature photography. Don't pluck plants or harm animals. At night, use torchlight gently to avoid disturbing animals.
* On Ubin, we try to minimise our footprint. Avoid/minimise bottled water, styrofoam, plastic bags, useless freebies, pamphlets and other one-time use articles.
* Ubin has a wide variety of fun things to see and do. Tell your participants about these.
* Encourage participants to patronise local businesses.

How long will Pesta Ubin last?
Pesta Ubin will last four weeks. It will kick off 26 May (Sat) and end 24 Jun (Sun) with Ubin Day. It coincides with the June school holidays.

Which dates can I have my activity?
You may choose to have your activity on any day from 26 May (Sat) to 24 Jun (Sun). On weekdays and weekends. We are glad if you would like to repeat your activity on several dates.

But do note that Ubin is expected to be very crowded (leading to longer wait times for bumboats and other amenities) during the following
* 29 May (Tue) Vesak Day. Plus many pilgrims will be going to Pulau Ubin for the Tua Pek Kong festival on 29 May - 3 Jun.
* 15-17 Jun (Fri-Sun): Hari Raya long weekend.

How do I register my Pesta Ubin activity?
Please register your activity soonest, so that we can provide suitable logistics support to you. To have your activity reflected on the Pesta Ubin social media resources, please submit register your activity at least 1 week before your activity date. To register, simply share the details of your activity in the form below. Ria will get in touch with you to confirm if your activity has been accepted for Pesta Ubin.

Can I share this form with others?
Yes! Please do share this form with other Ubin lovers who might have suitable activities to contribute to Pesta Ubin.

Have more questions/suggestions?
Please let me know via this form or by email I'd gladly try to answer and follow up on them.

It's ok if you don't have all the details or have questions. And no worries if you thought of something after filling up the form. Just fill up the form again. Or you can email me at

Thank you for making Pesta Ubin possible!

Ria Tan
Coordinator, Pesta Ubin 2018
Your name as contact person for this activity *
Your team/organisation name *
It's ok if you have no affliations.
Your contact *
email preferred, so I can follow up with you.
Which date/dates will you be having your activity? *
You may choose to have your activity on any weekend or weekday from 27 May (Sun) to 24 Jun (Sun).
Title of your activity and a brief description
e.g., What can participants experience/learn in your event? More about your group that is organising this event. This description will be used in our advertisement of your activity on the Pesta Ubin social media resources.
Who is your target audience/participants of your activity?
e.g., adults/kids and age range of kids; beginners/advanced; etc.
Time of day/length of your activity
e.g., morning/afternoon/evening; start time and length of activity
Where in Ubin will your activity be held
Meeting point? General location(s) in Ubin where your activity will be held. If it’s a tour, please indicate start and end points.
Will you be charging participants to join your activity? *
Free activities without registration are the most popular. Such activities are encouraged. But activities with registration or those which charge fees to cover costs as also welcomed. If so, please indicate the charge for your activity.
Will you be requiring registration for your activity? *
You will need to manage registration for your activity. We are unable to provide support for this. So sorry. If you are requiring registration, please indicate the url of your registration form, or the contact person's email.
Approximate number of volunteers involved in your activity? *
Please include those who helped but are not going to be present on the day itself. An estimate will do. This is to help us plan for logistics, free Pesta Ubin badges (only for volunteers) and other support for volunteers of Pesta Ubin.
What support/facilities do you need for your activity?
The Coordinartors of Pesta Ubin will try our best to get these for you from agencies and others.
Would you be able to help in other ways for Pesta Ubin?
e.g., your volunteers can help with other activities; you can help advertise Pesta Ubin to your team/organisation; you can help or know someone who can help with collaterals, social media work, etc.
Any other suggestions for Pesta Ubin?
Please tell me of other Ubin lovers you know who might have activities to contribute to Pesta Ubin
Please include name, website, contact and any details that will be helpful for me to contact them. Or you can simply forward this form to them.Thank you!
Any other questions or suggestions?
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