Application for HypnoCoach® Certification
Hello and thank you for your interest in becoming a Certified HypnoCoach®! I originated my HypnoCoach methods and process in the early 90's when most people didn't even know about 'personal coaching'. Since then, I've trained hundreds of hypnotists around the world to use my methods with their clients. Since HypnoCoach is a U.S. Registered Trademark, I'm literally 'putting my name' on you when you qualify to graduate. So the first step is to know a bit about you before you join the class.

Please note - this course does not teach basic hypnosis techniques and all applicants should already have completed certification and training comparable to the standards of the National Guild of Hypnotists training.

I will be in contact soon after receiving your application. Thanks!
~Lisa Halpin DCH, BCH, CI, OB

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The term “HypnoCoach” is a U.S. Registered Trademark (®) of and the intellectual property of Lisa G. Halpin. All derivatives of the term (-ing, -es, etc.) are covered by this trademark as are any confusingly similar terms including the use of lower case letters or a hyphen. Any use of the term or derivative without proper authorization from the trademark holder may result in legal action. Certification is not guaranteed merely by attendance in or payment for the course. Only upon successful completion of my HypnoCoach® Certification course including all class hours, additional practicum, final exam, assessment by the instructor, and signing the authorized use licensing agreement will the Certified HypnoCoach® designation and physical certificate be awarded.
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