Application to join Glen Eira FC
This form should be submitted for NEW and RETURNING players who would like to play for Glen Eira FC or participate in football program in 2019. Entry to Glen Eira teams is via
-> TRIALS in November 2018 [for High-Level Teams] , or
-> TEAM ALLOCATION SESSIONS in February 2019 [for Mid-Level and Social Teams]

1) Even if you played for Glen Eira in 2018, then you still need to fill in this form.
2) This form is an *application* for a playing spot or a program placing. THIS IS NOT REGISTRATION form. If successful, the group coordinator will email the links for how to Register and Pay online.

Reason for Application *
Information about the Player
Player's First Name *
What the player is usually called by team mates (legal first name not required here).
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Player's Last Name *
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Player's Gender *
'Other' means we'll call to discuss. Sometimes (not always) applies if the player identifies as LGBT+ or similar.
What year was the player born? *
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What month was the player born? *
Who did you play for in 2018? *
How did you find out about Glen Eira FC *
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School *
What school will the player attend in 2019
Comments *
Include player background or playing history if you weren't with Glen Eira in the previous year. If you want to trial for an advanced- or high-level team, mention it here. If you want to play outside the age group for your age, mention it here. If wanting to play with specific team mates, then what are their names? What special qualities do you as a parent/player bring to the club? Anything else you want to tell us? See
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