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Please submit the necessary information to allow WearTheFund, LLC (WTF) to review a 501c3 as an annual beneficiary. Applicant acknowledges they must be able to provide written consent via hardcopy or e-mail containing 501c3 certification letter from an authorized member of named 501c3 expressing agreement and understanding with/of the following "WTF Nonprofit Partner" terms: allow WTF to use said 501c3's logo and name on website and marketing materials for promotional purposes of both WTF and the 501c3. The objective is to establish and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship, generating contributions and increased exposure to said 501c3. It is acknowledged that funds are accrued and dispersed at WTF's discretion. There is a $100 annual accounting and administrative fee, which funds the partnership through December 31st. The fee is not charged directly to the partner, but rather taken from the accrued funds. For any sale by WTF, said 501c3 is eligible to be chosen as the primary beneficiary. Currently, the revenue sharing is 3% to any selected partner. Prospective partners MUST have a website and the ability to create a backlink to in order to be eligible for partnership. Customers also have the ability to split the "give back" among all partners. Partner "WTF Bucks" can be utilized towards orders, or a check presentation can be arranged once the account reaches $1,000. WTF cannot approve all applications and reserves the right to accept or deny. There is no legally binding responsibilities or liabilities stated above or implied in this disclosure. The stated terms are voluntary and based on our mission to create a world where profit is not the bottom line. Thank you for your partnership!
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**This is a primary benefit along with promotional exposure that 501c3 will receive from WTF. Quality, reliable, and competitive service, along with a giveback on their own and third-party orders.
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