Survey on Technology Ethics in Research and Practice
IEEE IES TC on Technology Ethics and Society
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Which one of the following IEEE IES academic journals is most relevant to your field of study/work? *
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To what extent are you personally concerned with technology ethics in your day to day life? *
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Briefly describe your definition (or interpretation) of ethics. *
How important is ethics for the type of work you do? (work includes academic research, industry practice, doctoral studies etc.) *
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My interest in technology ethics stems from: *
What is your familiarity of ethics guidelines that applies to your field of work/field of study? E.g. IEEE or ACM ethics guidelines etc. *
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Excellent familiarity
Which of the following international ethics guidelines are you familiar with? *
Which of the following statements closely represent your position on ethics. *
What is your expertise in ethics in engineering
Clear selection
If TC TES offered a short course in ethics would you enrol?
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In the context of a short TES course on technology ethics, how many hours are you willing to commit to the study of ethics?
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What do you think are the main ethics issues in industrial electronics and industrial informatics?
What is the relevance of these scientific domains and areas for the development and engineering of ethics? *
no relevance
partial relevance
full relevance
risk assessment
lifecycle assessement
technology assessement
safety studies and dependability
optimisation and operations research
artificial intelligence
product and system design
human-machine cooperation
psychology and sociology
Which of the following application areas require practical ethics guidelines?
TC TES has some defined areas. Which of these are you most interested to read or be informed about? *
In which of these areas do you think you have good expertise and can contribute (e.g. papers, tutorials, webinars etc.) ? *
What do you think are the key factors that the TES TC needs to focus on in order to succeed?
Briefly describe some of the achievements that you would expect from this TC in the next two years.
Any other thoughts or ideas you would like to point out?
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