Wellspring Church Membership Application
We're excited that you're pursuing membership with us at Wellspring. The following form is a used as an aid to help us get to know you a little better as we walk through the remainder of the membership process. After completing this form, one of our elders will contact you about setting up a time to meet, chat about this application and the church in general, and answer any questions you may have. We look forward to partnering together with you for the sake of Christ's glorious gospel. For any questions regarding the process or this application, please contact Thomas Kim at thomasjohnkim@gmail.com.
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This information helps us get to know you & your family as well as provide pastoral support and care to you all.
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Church Background
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If you've been a member of a church/churches in the past, please list the following: name of church, denomination, city/state, reason for leaving
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Have you ever been put under church discipline? If so, please tell us your story. *
As far as you know, do you expect to remain in the local area (to be a part of the congregation) for at least 6 months after being received into membership? *
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