IBC Intl. Food Fest Volunteer Form
IBC’s International Food Festival is an opportunity to share your culture and food with our church community. The festival will take place on March 31st, 2019 starting right after second service. Our greatest need is for people to bring food to share but if you can serve in any capacity it will be very much appreciated.
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Our greatest need is for people to bring food to share. Would you be able to donate a traditional ethnic dish of 30 portions? *
If yes, what dish would you be able to bring?
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Will you be able to serve your food as well?
If you are not bringing food or can not serve, what other area are you able to help?
By any chance would you have a large ice cooler we could use for serving drinks?
Do you have any one else with you who would like to serve at this event? (i.e: spouse, teenage child, friend, etc) *
If yes, where can they help?
Is there anything else we should know about your availability to serve the day of the event?
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