"Hometown Christmas" Decorating Competition Registration
Timing: Judging is December 6- December 11, 2019
Prize Ceremony: December 14, 2019 @ 5:00pm
Event Address: Veterans Memorial Park, St. Scio, OR 97374
Event Host/ Sponsor: Katrina Clouse Realty Group, LLC
Contact Katrina Clouse at (503) 856-5905 or katrinaclouse@yahoo.com
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Registration & Competition Rules
The rules are simple... Decorate the exterior of your home or business to share with others. Turn in your registration form once ready for the judging. The final day of registering is December 9th & final day of judging is December 11th. The judges are anonymous so please know the judging will be going on December 9-11th, during hours 5-10pm. There will be multiple categories so please know all prizes will be presented at the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony December 14th. Work with your neighbors for a "Best Neighborhood" prize, as well as make this a tourist route too. Categories include: "Best Business Front" , "Best Home Exterior", "Best Driveway Entrance", "Best Theme", "Mayors Choice", "Overall Popular Vote Home", "Overall Popular Vote Business".
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