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Dear Authors and Publicists,

We are so excited that you have found your way here to Nerdy Book Club.

Please let us extend some basic information to you about how our website runs:

1. We do not tell our guest bloggers what to review. They choose a title they love that has not yet been reviewed and they review it. We do not coordinate getting books to our bloggers.

2. Author posts can be on a variety of topics. Look at the previous posts at to see what other authors have written so far. Most deal with their reading and writing lives.

3. We have hosted giveaways here, but we pride ourselves on keeping our readers' contact information private. We make the Google Form for the giveaway so only the winner's information will be shared.

4. As we generally only schedule one or two author posts a week, please be patient about hearing back from us. We can get scheduled quite far ahead very quickly.

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