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IMPORTANT NOTE: During the renovations of the SSMU building, our kitchen is located off campus at 137 rue St Ferdinand room #134 (5 minute walk from Place St Henri Metro) Please note because of these unusual circumstances we are operating with a reduced capacity this summer. We may not be able to accommodate as many serving requests as we usually do. However we will try our best to support every group we can! Thank you.

Midnight Kitchen is a non-profit, worker and volunteer-run collective that operates out of tio’tia:ke (unceded kanienkehaka territory) dedicated to providing accessible food to as many people as possible. We aim to empower individuals and communities by providing a working alternative to current capitalist, profit-driven systems of food production and distribution. We oppose privatization, corporatization and other systemic processes that are both the cause and the enforcement of disproportionately negative effects on certain people. We will provide popular education on issues of social, environmental, and food (in)justice, both inside and outside the collective, and provide space for the exchange of ideas within the community.

We oppose both violent, status-quo food systems as well as green-washed, individualized “lifestylist” approaches that direct attention away from the systemic causes of poverty, environmental destruction, and lack of access to food. By taking initiative to produce and distribute food in our own communities, we act in the pursuit of social and environmental justice and will support others who share these goals. Our approach to food justice is grounded in anti-oppression with a mandate to centre marginalized people.

Midnight Kitchen provides servings to political and community-based events that are in keeping with our mandate. Our aim in contributing food to these events is to show solidarity through material support and increase accessibility. If your group would like to request a solidarity serving, please fill out the form below. This will let us know what you are expecting from Midnight Kitchen and in turn, we'll be able to give you an idea of what we are able to provide. Thanks!

**Solidarity Serving Requests must be submitted to Midnight Kitchen two weeks prior to your event. This is to ensure the collective has enough time to come to a consensus regarding the serving. If a request is submitted less than two weeks prior to the event, Midnight Kitchen does not guarantee a response.**
**Groups approved for solidarity servings are expected to clean and return Midnight Kitchen's dishes within a week of their event, the specific day will be determined at time of pick-up.**

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We only provide servings to organizations or groups that cannot otherwise afford to have food or catering at their event. Does this apply to you?
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