Application // Creative Business Coaching with Deborah "Debs" Henry-Pollard
You're about to take the next step in advancing your art career.

Please complete this form to the best of your ability, which will be reviewed in confidence by Debs and the responsible BSAA Team Member. (The information you provide is confidential and will not be shared with parties outside of Be Smart About Art and Debs' business.)

After the review, Debs will directly reach out to you for an initial 20-minute exploratory call. This is an opportunity to establish suitability of the coach-coachee match. The outcome of your application will be confirmed at the end of this call.

Success providing, Debs will directly arrange 1:1 sessions and BSAA will manage invoicing. This enables your focus with Debs to be all about leveraging her skills as a coach, to benefit you in your career.
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1-2-1 work with Deborah is paid for by the client, unless funding has already been sourced. Are you able to fund your own 1-2-1 work or do you require other sources of support to partake in the program? Select which applies: *
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