AAUW Title IX Resources Delivery Report Form
Thank you for delivering Title IX resources to schools near you. Let us know how it went so we can spotlight all of your amazing work! Contact advocacy@aauw.org with any questions or concerns.
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Please list 1 school. If you delivered the resources to more than 1 school, you can provide the information about the additional schools at the end of this form or you can submit a separate form for each school.
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I also did the following things to help publicize the new Title IX resources.
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Were pictures taken of the delivery?
If pictures were taken, have you emailed them to advocacy@aauw.org?
Please share any relevant photos, along with the names and roles of the people in the photos.
If you delivered these resources to additional schools, please list them here. Please include the Title IX Coordinator's name and contact information.
You can also submit a separate form for each school by visiting http://bit.ly/T9DeliveryReport again.
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Include anything else you would like to share about the delivery.
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What would make the delivery easier and more effective next time?
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