Poll For Interest in July APC Motor Mixing Class
Ben and Elaine Russel are offering to do an APC motor mixing workshop as a part of their trip here for the NRVR July BFSL launch (www.bit.ly/2MxKuwH ) if we can get at least five people signed up. (below)

In a nut shell.. in an effort to help make Research rocketry more safe, Elaine and her husband Ben Russell regularly travel the country giving these awesome, guru led, full 8hr, hands on workshops where they step the class through mixing/APC theory and safety (slides and book class time). After that they jump right into the hands, expert led on process of safely mixing and packing your own APC motor! They provide you all the consumables (recipe ingredients), tools, and mandrel kit to help you safely fabricate your very own, first 54mm, 3-grain, hand packed J350 "tiger tail" APC motor grains!.. During this, they cover all the how-to best practices for doing it safely,reliably and economically. The big catch is that we need at least five people to sign-up to make it worth their while to drag their trailer full of mixers, fuel/binders/chemicals, APC, and tools out here..

The hands on, expert led workshop costs $350/person (teens w/participating adult for $175).. The exact cost breakdown is as follows:

* Full Workshop $350 – The participant receives the class ring binder/formula handouts, 3-grain 54 mm TruCore casting mandrel set, chemicals to make the class reload and 54 mm liner casting tubes to make the J350 reload. 18yr of older, or teen w/accompanying adult.

* Partial Auditing $175 – For participants who do not want to make a motor, but just sit/audit the workshop. Auditing participants sit the class and watch full participants make their motor grains, and get the a copy of the class ring binder/formula handouts, but do not get the TruCore casting mandrel set or chemicals.

* Optional 54mm Motor Casing $125 – Complete 54 mm 1200 Ns snap ring case, 2 - snap rings, #24 nozzle, nozzle washer, forward closure and 4 o-rings. (does not include snap ring plyers which can be ordered from McMaster-Carr or Harbor Freight).

Considering you're making your own $100(equiv) J350 motor grains(3) plus are getting a $50-60 mandrel to keep (for making more), as well as keeping the printed ring binder with all the formulas, tips,and FAQ.. plus being tutored in an 8hr expert led class w/one on one Q&A.. it's not a bad deal and is definitely the easiest & safest way to get into start making your own APC motors!

Please only sign up below (by June 30th) if you are interested and are able to commit to it and remit payment to Ben & Elaine by July 6th. We will contact you in the first week in July if we have enough to do it or not..

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