"Our Story" Foster Coach Application
Our Story offers quality, in-home support to newly-formed foster families. We are a team of seasoned foster parents volunteering our time and wisdom, to encourage connections between children and their foster parents.

Our help is simple, yet profound. As a foster coach, you will be assigned to a newly formed foster home interested in the service. You will call the foster parent, encourage the parent, and ask to drop in for 6 designated visits over 6 months, often for the difficult first 6 months of a placement, when additional support is really needed.

Your interaction will be focused on two areas: helping the child and parent build a bond, through use of our Life Book tool, and listening to the foster parent, providing support as this person cares for a child during a very difficult time.

The first 3 visits are focused on the Life Book, discovering what the child loves, how the child feels, and what the child or youth aspires to be. Their dreams. The Life Book also helps the child better understand their foster parent. Why did this person decide to foster. What does this person enjoy about helping children most. What is their foster parent's dreams.

The final 3 visits are really for the foster parent. We are a team of seasoned foster parents, and we want to listen to the foster parent needing our support and encouragement. Our goal is to help through a structured, time-limited approach, where we define H.E.L.P. in the following way:

Honor the foster relationship.
Encourage a bond.
Listen intently.
Provide wisdom.

Interested? Please fill out the below, and our team will contact you to discuss your schedule and next steps. Thank you for your care of children coming from difficult places.

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