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We appreciate your decision to mentor a child through Community Connections Mentoring. This form is intended to make it easy for you to submit your hours report for the month. Please let us know if you have any questions.( SUBMIT TWICE if you need to send in more than one month hours)
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Askable Adult class has been RESCHEDULED for July 31st at 5 pm at McKinley Education Center central meeting room. We will provide dinner for those attending. This training has been strongly encourage by Mentor Nebraska. It is geared for 10 to 30 particpants (minimum of 10 to offer it). *
Here are the upcoming group activities for June/July (please check those you plan to attend and leave comments or questions in the next slot):
Comments or questions about above activities. If interested in Escape room - give your time preference or if you want to be scheduled with another mentoring pair...
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The Color Run was rescheduled from March to July 20th. This is conflicting with our Community Connections 10th anniversary event for the Prescription Drug Collection (see newsletter). However if you and your mentee are still interested in throwing color on runners let me know and I will get things set up with the volunteer coordinator.
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Heads up:
Your suggestions??
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According to the Search Institute's report on Developmental relationships "Young people do better when they experience a strong web of relationships with many people.Each relationship can be an important source of strength." Remember mentors are one part of this web of support. I will be sharing the 5 elements of a developmental relationship with you over the following months. I hope you will consider each and how you might apply these to the time you have with your mentee.
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