Office of the Ombuds Concern Review Request Form
The Office of the Ombuds is here to assist all full time faculty members in resolving issues related to their working conditions and ensure faculty rights are protected. It is advised that the Faculty member with the concern contact the Ombudsperson for an informal consultation regarding the matter prior to completing this form.

As part of the Office of the Ombuds procedure for reviewing issues, concerns, conflicts, problems, or possible grievances pertaining to working conditions, faculty members will submit a Concern Review Request (CRR) form outlining the issue, concern, problem, and/or possible grievance. Please fill out this request completely, being as specific as possible. NOTE: This information will remain CONFIDENTIAL to the extent permitted by law as it is reviewed by the Ombuds Advisory Committee.

Note: Issues regarding possible sexual harassment or discrimination are matters of law and need to be reported to Human Resources immediately. These matters are not addressed as part of the faculty concern review process or grievance procedure.

Ombuds Advisory Committee considers issues related to working conditions identified as:
1. Working conditions: compensation
2. Working conditions: contractual
3. Working conditions: personnel
a) Faculty to faculty
b) Faculty to administrator
4. Working conditions: other
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