Humanities portfolio user feedback questionnaire
Whose portfolio are your reviewing? *
What was your first impression when you opened the website? *
list a few adjectives that describe your feelings as you experienced the portfolio *
list a few nouns or things or names that come to mind about the themes or contents in the portfolio *
how easy or hard was it to navigate your way through the portfolio *
super easy
really hard
how easy or hard was it to read, view, listen to the content on the site? *
piece of cake
climbing Denali
how connected or related was the form and structure of the site to the content of the site *
very related, clearly connected
form and content not connected
what about images? were the images in the portfolio effective? in context? useful? Say a few words about the use of images on the site. *
how much time did you spend with the portfolio? *
what did you like best? *
what did you not like? *
any advice for the author of the portfolio? *
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