Professional Development Survey (Member)
We are doing research to help improve opportunities for training and education within the association. We hope you will find it a useful opportunity to think about what training or personal development you might find useful. The information you give is confidential. It will not be reported back to anyone in a way that will identify you.
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On a scale of 1 - 10 what is your current level of job performance? *
Need Development
Development not Required
What would help you to perform at a higher level?
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Have you had any training offered to you within the last year?
If so, what training?
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Do you have a Personal Development Plan?
When did you last receive training?
Do you have longer-term goals in your working life?
If yes, please explain and if no, why not?
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Do you think it is important to have opportunities for training/development at work?
Could developing your knowledge and skills benefit you?
If yes, why?
Do you have enough opportunities in your job for training and career development?
Would you agree or disagree with the following statements?
I want to develop my knowledge and skills at work.
Having the chance to learn at work makes the job more rewardingRow 2
My employer actively supports me to learn at work.
Developing my skills will allow me to move forward within this organization
What barriers do you see to developing your knowledge and skills?
Would you like training in any of the following? *
Strategic Planning
Leadership skills
Planning Influential Conversations
Advanced Delegation and Influence
Giving and Receiving Feedback
Conflict Resolution
Communication (Spoken)
Communication (Written)
Communication (Presentations)
Business Development/Sales
What other training do you feel would be of benefit?
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