Precleaning Questionaire - Todd Layne Cleaners
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Was your apartment professionally cleaned within the past 2 to 4 weeks? *
What day of the week would you like your cleaning? *
What time window would you prefer for your cleaning? *
Do you want a recurring appointment (weekly, every other week, every third week, monthly)? Recurring appointments save $20 per cleaning. *
Do you have pets that will be home during the cleaning? *
Will a resident 18+ be home during the apartment cleaning? *
Would you like us to provide eco-friendly cleaning products and HEPA filtration vacuum? Please note this is an additional $9.99 charge. *
If you are not choosing eco-friendly cleaning products, you will need to provide mop/bucket, vacuum and cleaning products of your choice. *
Would you like all touchpoints in your apartment to be sanitized with UV-C light? This service is complimentary. *
Has anyone in your household been diagnosed with covid-19 in the past 14 days? *
Are there any items in your apartment that you do not want us to clean or to be extra careful with?
Do you have any other special requests? Please note that all staff wear new gloves and masks for each apartment.
If you are signing up for recurring cleaning service, you agree to remain enrolled for at least three months. If a cancellation occurs before this time, all discounts will be charged back to you. Once enrolled, we require 72 hours notice to change or cancel your appointment. Please type your name below to acknowledge that you agree to these policies. Thank you.
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