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Given the increase in online classes and the decrease in classroom time for those meeting on campus, all library instruction will be virtual in Fall 2020. Our goal is to provide the same friendly, high quality service, but in a way that supplements rather than replaces your valuable class time.

Library instruction will be provided by
(1) a semester long series of live online workshops on key topics hosted in Zoom and open to all students throughout the semester - see https://bit.ly/librarylivefall2020 - calendar coming soon!
(2) asynchronous instruction provided by explainer videos, instruction PDFs, and LibGuides that can be assigned by any instructor as part of a course, with suggested companion knowledge checks and scavenger hunts
(3) one-on one reference and research appointments either in person or online

Beginning August 3, a flyer explaining the Fall 2020 library instruction service model and options will be available at the ref desk, at Jen's office door in the library, on our web site in the instruction section. As soon as we've finished proofing these new tools (ASAP) Jen will be sending notice with links to all department heads and professors who have requested library instruction in the past.

Would you library instruction session for your class? You are welcome to fill out the relevant fields below to begin the process of letting us know what you need. This will also add you to our priority update list.

You do not have to set a class period aside for library instruction unless you wish to designate a class in which students are expected to spend the time exploring specific library resources and passing the knowledge checks that will provide them with a certificate they can post in Moodle to prove to you they completed the assignment.

Let us know what you most need here! We are willing and able to tailor online instruction to the specific research needs of your students, from general welcome tours to how to find discipline specific resource.

If you have questions, please email learn.library@louisiana.edu
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