Weekly Diploma Design Forum
The Weekly Diploma Design Forum is a way to get momentum. Share, see and contribute to your own and other's amazing designs. And be inspired on your diploma journey. You'll also have access to lots of resources that are growing all the time.

Please register your interest for the next weekly group. Once enough people are signed up you'll be informed and we'll organise a time to meet for the introductory session.

For more details about the format and what to expect visit https://carlamoss.co.uk/green/permaculture-diploma/ There is also a link to the design that was written for it.

Any queries, please contact Carla carla@carlamoss.co.uk

What some previous participants have said...

'I have found it invaluable to both listen and learn and get concrete feedback on my own designs. The sessions are structured for efficiency and connection so that solutions and ideas invariably take form within them and everyone gets their voices equally heard and valued no matter if they are beginners or seasoned "permaculturists".' Priya

'It was truly a memorable experience and it has propelled me forward into my next designs.' Aimee

'The format is inclusive and relaxed, it is structured but retains a lovely sense of informality.' Amanda

PLEASE NOTE: applying to take part in the forum means you will be added to the email list to receive information about the forum and permaculture.
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Design Forum Fee - to meet the needs of the facilitator I kindly request a contribution to the sessions. If this is outside of your ability, please let me know of your circumstances and I will find a way to include you in the forum. There is a full refund guarantee if you don't wish to continue after the introductory session. (The contribution covers the total number of sessions which is dependent on the group size ie the number of sessions will equal the group size.) *
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