Feedback from our Food Heroes
Thank you for serving with Delivering with Dignity. We treasure your time and efforts, and commend you on stepping up to the challenge to provide meals for those in Orange County that do not have access to nourishing food because of COVID-19.

We're constantly learning and improving this fast-paced emergency response mechanism, and would greatly appreciate your feedback, whether about the organization as a whole, or things we should know that pertain to your route specifically.

Good news fuels our souls and constructive feedback fuels our improvement. That is why we cherish both.
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What was your overall experience as a Food Hero today? How did you feel knowing you weren't just delivering meals but delivering hope? *
Would you want to volunteer again with Delivering with Dignity? *
If you answered Yes, to the above question, will you be getting your friends or family to become Food Heroes, too?
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Would you like to be added in our organization as a Food Superhero for emergency deliveries in case of a no-show driver? *
In case of a no-show driver, we would contact our Food Superheroes to get an emergency replacement driver. Please indicate availability in the next question.
If you answered "yes", what weekdays are you available? *no weekends
During your delivery, were there any logistical issues that came up you can tell us about (and please identify which stop the issue occurred during on your route)? *
This is open ended, please tell us about anything that would have made your delivery even better. But, if you need help, some examples: wrong apartment number, unknown gate code, etc.
Finally, are there any general improvements Delivering with Dignity can make to our process? *
If you would like to offer testimony for Delivering with Dignity, please write down below. [ideas: What did delivering as a Food Hero teach you? How did it make you feel? Is there a story of a specific client or delivery that was especially meaningful? What do you want others to know about DWD?]
We're 100% powered by amazing volunteers like you, and are always trying to get more volunteers. We would possibly use this testimony on our website or feature you on our social media and newsletter in the future. If this is the case, we will reach out to you and provide more information.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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