2020 Founder Region Virtual Conference Event
Thank you for participating in our 2020 Founder Region Virtual Conference event. Although we would prefer to have met in-person, we wanted to be able to conduct our business and convey the typical conference content to you in an online format. We hope you had as much fun "attending virtually" as we did "virtually organizing" it.

We want to hear your feedback so we can keep improving our ability to provide valuable content. Please fill this quick survey and let us know your thoughts (your answers will be anonymous).
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Additional feedback on Communication
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How satisfied were you with the virtual conference content?
Both presented and "on-demand" material
Please rate how relevant the presentations and resources were to you? *
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2020 Virtual Conference webpage
2020 Virtual Conference Program Booklet
Welcome to the 2020 Virtual Conference Presentation
Legislative Advocacy Presentation via Zoom (live or recording)
Founder Region Fellowship Program Presentation via Zoom (live or recording)
Fellowship Reports Presentation
Saturday Virtual Conference Narrated Presentation
Official Visitor Presentation "No Cape Required: Our Soroptimist Heroes"
District Director Reports on Clubs via Special Newsletter
Clubs' Photo Slideshow
Pillar Chair Presentation - Fundraising
Pillar Chair Presentation - Membership
Pillar Chair Presentation - Program
Pillar Chair Presentation - Public Awareness
Founder Region Election and Ballot Results & Incoming/Outgoing Governor Speeches via Zoom (live or recording)
Memorial “Celebration of Service” Presentation
Region Program Awards Presentation
Executive Director & CEO Elizabeth M. Lucas Official Visitors Speech
SIA President Tina Wei-Kang Pan Official Visitors Speech
Any additional comments regarding the presentations, resources, or the overall agenda?
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Will your club likely participate in the Legislative Advocacy "hands-on" project suggested to make "Journey Bags" for Foster Girls?
For Registered Delegates only. Were you able to access the electronic ballot and vote?
For Registered Delegates only. Do you have additional comments regarding voting electronically?
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