King of Kings Congregational Survey
Please help us with data gathering for our Ministry Site Profile by filling out this survey.

Information from the survey will:
1) Help understand who we are as a congregation
2) What the congregation is looking for in a new pastor.

What is a Ministry Site Profile? This document is required to officially post our opening for a new pastor with the ELCA. The information included will help potential applicants to determine if they are a good fit with King of Kings. Once the Ministry Site Profile is completed and approved by the Church Council, it is sent on the Bishop and then posted in the Ministry Opportunities listing on the ELCA website.

If you have any questions about the Ministry Site Profile or the survey itself, please contact us:
Barb Winkel - - Church Council President
Anita Leitgeb - - Transition Team Chair
Howie Mansfield - - Technical Support

This survey will take between 10-15 minutes.

Congregational Passion
Use as much space necessary to answer the following question...
What is our congregation really excited about right now? *
Your answer
Congregation Characteristics
Please select how King of Kings best fits the phase presented.
As a community...
A Lot Like Us
A Little Like Us
We tend to be formal and programmatic.
We have clearly defined goals and plans for our future.
We are racially and economically diverse.
We tend to be informal and spontaneous.
We have no stated goals or plans.
We are demographically homogeneous.
Our Leadership Style...
A Lot Like Us
A Little Like Us
We welcome ideas that are provoking and challenging.
We rely on our leaders for directions.
We have learned how to use conflict constructively.
We prefer ideas that are tried and true.
We rely on group decision-making.
We tend to perceive conflict as something destructive.
Our programming...
A Lot Like Us
A Little Like Us
Our facilities are often used by community groups.
We train people to minister outside our walls.
We focus on ideas and beliefs.
Our facilities are only used for our activities.
We train people to minister inside our walls.
We focus on skills and action.
Our theological perspective...
A Lot Like Us
A Little Like Us
We are obviously Lutheran in identity and practice.
We participate in synod and ELCA activities
We focus on Biblical studies and doctrine.
We are less obvious about our Lutheran heritage.
We are not very active in the synod and ELCA.
We focus on contemporary issues and topics.
Characteristics of New Pastor
Use as much space as necessary to answer the follwing question...
What are the characteristics you are looking for in a new pastor?
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Ministry Tasks for New Pastor
Please check only five boxes to the question below...
What should be the Top Five Ministry Tasks of our new pastor?
Gifts for Ministry of a new pastor
In this section, please choose what gifts would be a top priority for a new pastor to have, as well as those that would be very helpful.
Gifts for Ministry
Top Priority
Very Helpful
Help people develop their spiritual life.
Help people understand and act upon issues of social justice.
Provide care and nurture.
Be active in visitation of members and non-members.
Be effective in working with children.
Build a sense of community among the people with whome he/she works.
Help others develop their leadership abilities and skills for ministry.
Be an effective administrator.
Be an effective communicator.
Be an effective teacher.
Encourage support of the Church's wider mission.
Work regularly in the development of stewardship growth.
Be active in ecumenical relationships.
Be effective in working with youth.
Organize people for community action.
Be skilled in planning and leading programs.
Have a strong commitment and loyalty to the Lutheran Church.
Understand and interpret the mission of the Church from a global perspective.
Deal effectively with conflict.
Bring joy and good humor to relationships.
Be able to share leadership and work in a team.
Be creative and innovative about his or her tasks.
Be able to use technology and media.
Appreciate cultural diversity in language and customs.
Have talents in areas of music, arts and writing.
Thank you!
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