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Position Sought: Terms are 1 year except Executive Committee which are 2 years. Please check all boxes you are interested in *
PRESIDENT: Serves as the principal officer of the Chapter, presiding over meetings of the Board of Directors with general supervision of the affairs of NAWBO NYC and representing the chapter on NAWBO’s Presidents Assembly. (Exec Committee 1-2 years)
PRESIDENT-ELECT: Represents the President when the President is absent, generally assists the President, overseeing operations of the organization, including developing and maintaining strategic alliances with external organizations with similar goals. (Exec Committee 1-2 years)
BOARD SECRETARY: Oversees the recording and distribution of accurate minutes of the proceedings of all meetings of NAWBO NYC, including the Executive Committee meetings, and maintain all records of NAWBO NYC. (Exec Committee 2 years)
TREASURER: Oversees the Chapter’s financial activities, sign checks and other disbursements, and is responsible for all funds of NAWBO NYC, and keeping full and accurate records of receipts and disbursements in books belonging to NAWBO NYC. (Exec Committee 2 years)
GOVERNANCE: Chairs the Nominating Committee and serves on the Executive Committee, has a thorough understanding of the NAWBO NYC Bylaws, Chapter Policies and Procedures, and Roberta's Rule of Order. (Exec Committee 2 year)
VP MEMBERSHIP: Provides current and long-range planning relating to membership development and outreach to further the goals of increasing membership, retaining members, providing the best possible membership benefits, and promoting the organization to women business owners throughout New York City. (1 year)
VP EVENTS: Develops, coordinates and oversees the chapter’s events including the monthly, signature events and bootcamp which are designed and offered to assist the development, growth, and ongoing success of members' businesses. (1 year)
VP PROGRAMMING: Develops, coordinates and oversees the chapter’s programs: Mentoring Program and Masterminds, which are designed and offered to assist the development, growth, and ongoing success of members' businesses. (1 year)
VP MARKETING and COMMUNICATIONS: Coordinates, oversees and provides current and long-range planning in communications and marketing including the Member Directory, newsletter, public relations and website to promote NAWBO NYC. (1 year)
VP CORPORATE PARTNERSHIPS: Oversees and coordinates planning of corporate sponsorship and chapter fundraising, and any applicable national strategic forums with the goals of creating strong corporate relationships, promoting sponsor retention and growing the number of sponsors. (1 year)
VP DIVERSITY, EQUITY AND INCLUSION: Oversees, coordinates, and provides current and long-range planning in the areas of diversity of members, businesses, strategic alliances, and suppliers (1 year)
VP PUBLIC POLICY: Oversees, coordinates, and provides current and long-range planning in chapter public policy activities, WBE certification, and or federal, state, and local matters relating to public policy. (1 year)
VP NEW MEMBER ENGAGEMENT: Responsible for keeping in touch with members, posting often on social media, creating meaningful content, inviting their participation and introducing newcomers in meetings and events.
VP ALLIANCES: build strategic alliances, coalitions and affiliations with corporate and affinity partners that help support and propel the growth and prosperity of women-owned businesses in NYC
We will also require a current resume, short bio of 150 words and a headshot to be sent to
Additionally, please check any areas below where you have interest in volunteering or being on a Committee
Thank you for your interest in joining the leadership team of NAWBO NYC. You will contacted by NAWBO NYC Governance and the Nominating Committee to arrange an interview. Interviews will be held in May 2021
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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