Visit WSF Café Sarajevo - 6 7 8 june 2014
WSF Café : Come directly or on line and share a moment about WSF on occasion of

WSF Café Web page :

WSF Café Skype contact : wsfcafe.sarajevo

WSF café Mail Contact :

Below 10 questions to help prepare your participation in the WSF café, Last 6 are optional

1 - Where will you be on 6 7 8 june 2014? *
2 - Wherever you will be, Do you intend to visit /participate in WSF café Sarajevo on those days? *
3-Your email *
( this is to gather, before and after the café, interested people in a mailing list around experience of wsf café Sarajevo)
Your answer
4-Your name , country, and your skype name *
Separate by comas like this : Myname, My country, MyExactSkypeName (appearing in your skype profile)
Your answer
4-2 Languages you can speak or read *
English will be the mainly used language, we assume you can manage, if it is not the case, explain here what you suggest
Optional part
Questions 5 to 10 are optionnal. You are welcome to answer them , especially if you have selected YES WILL or YES DIRECT option in question 2 above
5 -Your experience about WSF process - World social forum
tell about your participation in a local, national, continental, thematic, world, social forum event, when? how ? about what ? etc..
Your answer
6- When would you be with us in the WSF cafe (directly or on line)?
June 6 or June 7 or June 8 ? approximate time in the 10am 18am slot ( time is UTC+2) ? how long ?
Your answer
7 - What would be your input(s) in the discussions held in WSF café Sarajevo ?
WSF Cafe includes also a booth in "peace fair" June7, and a workshop about wsf in peace event
8 - You are welcome to describe here the content of your input(s) announced in point 7
if you have selected option 1 or 2 , give info : about what ? when? in the name of who? how long ? alone or collective ? etc...
Your answer
9- If you are willing to help operation of WSFcafé (option 4 in question 7) - please indicate how
first role (REMOTE SKYPE HOST) can be performed OUT of Sarajevo - Other roles are IN Sarajevo
10 -You can give here concrete complement or comment about the options selected in point 9
As a part of the broader "cafe team" , please give info that will help organization in the cafe :-) : what ? when?
Your answer
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