Under 21 (U-21) Facilitator Application
This application lets us know a little bit about you and why you want to join our organization. A Facilitator will be in contact with you within three business days of application submission. If no one has reached out to you within that time, it may be an error on Google's part. If that occurs, please feel free to reach out to Liz Ames at lizames.ea@gmail.com.
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Why do you want to volunteer with U-21? *
U-21 is held Friday evenings in Albuquerque. Do you feel that you can attend somewhat regularly? If you would like to volunteer with U-21 but cannot commit to Fridays, please reach out to Liz Ames at lizames.ea@gmail.com. *
We ask each volunteer to disclose any potential conflicts of interest with U-21. Do you have any employment or other personal or business relationships that could be a conflict of interest? *
We require our Facilitators to pass a simple background check. Is this something you would agree to? *
We do not require references at this point in the process. If we feel that we would like references, we will let you know and give you adequate time to prepare them. If we do ask for references, is that something you would feel comfortable providing? *
Is there any other information you would like us to know? (self-identifiers, hobbies, expertise, job, volunteer experience, etc.)
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