Asphalt Production (Old Form Do Not Use)
Air Emissions Inventory for Calendar Year as listed in Emissions Inventory Year, for asphalt production operations. If you have multiple emissions units, you will need to complete a form for each unit.

When you have filled in the required fields click "Submit" at the bottom of the form to send us your data.

If your permit requires additional reporting documentation, this documentation can be attached when completing your emissions inventory report.
Emissions Inventory Year *
List the calendar year (yyyy) for data being reported.
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Permit # *
This must match the most recent permit issued by AQD.
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Facility Name *
Your facility name as it appears on your permit.
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Facility Address *
The street address of your facility.
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Facility - City, State, Zip Code *
The city, state, and zip code of your facility.
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Facility Phone Number *
The phone number of your facility.
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Emission Unit ID *
If you have multiple emissions units or processes, you must identify each by the Unit ID as specified in your permit. If the permit has more than one emission unit, one form per unit will need to be completed.
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Emission Unit Description *
Please describe briefly the type of unit or process it is.
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Throughput Material
The type of material being processed through emission ID.
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Annual Throughput Unit
Units of the type of material being processed through emission ID.
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Annual Throughput Quantity
Amount of throughput material in the emissions inventory year.
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Annual Operating Hours
The total hours of operation for the calendar year.
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Contact First and Last Name *
This is the name of the person filling out this emissions inventory form. The responsible official will need to sign the hard copy document after this form has been submitted.
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E-mail Address *
Please enter your email address for confirmation and future contact.
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Is there more than one process equipment listed in this permit for which additional emission inventory forms need to be submitted?
Is this form a corrected version of a previous submittal?
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