Volunteer Survey for Leeds Festival
We are a group of students from LaTrobe University and would like to kindly invite you to participate in a survey about your volunteer experience for Leeds Festival. This survey is for our report and our objective is to analyse the volunteer experience of Leeds Festival. Answers provided will not be disclosed to the public. Thank you for your participation! (The survey will take about 5-8 minutes).
How old are you *
When did you volunteer for the Leeds Festival? If you have volunteered more than once, state all the years in which you have volunteered. *
Did you volunteer on your own or with others? *
How did you first get to know of this volunteering opportunity? *
What was your voluntary role at the Leeds festival? *
What motivated you to volunteer at the Leeds Festival? You may select more than 1 option. *
Did the organisation conduct any volunteer orientation programs prior to the festival? *
Did you have to attend any volunteer training sessions prior to the festival? *
Does the festival practice workplace safety? *
How were you rewarded/recognised for volunteering with Leeds Festivals? *
How was your experience with the staff? *
Very dissatisfied
Very satisfied
How would you rate your overall experience at the Leeds Festival as a volunteer? *
Very dissatisfied
Very Satisfied
Would you recommend your family and friends to volunteer at Leeds Festival? *
Any comments or suggestions for improvement in for Leeds Festival’s volunteer programme?
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