Ed Camp LI Application Form
This form is to be completed by district leaders who wish to host Ed Camp LI. For applications to be considered, we would like to minimally have the building principal, the district director of technology and/or a central office administrator complete and submit this form separately. As you know hosting an event of over 400 educators is a huge commitment and ensuring all levels of staff buy in is necessary for a successful event.
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Are you the person that will be coordinating Ed Camp LI onsite with the planning team? *
Is your building able to host over 400 educators? *
Would you be willing to have audio/visual & technology support for the day of the event? Helps to have a tech on hand with access to filtering, building's network, etc. *
Do you have WiFi in all spaces including classrooms and large spaces including the cafeteria, auditorium, and classrooms? *
Do you have a large space with full A/V capabilities for our kick off and closing events? *
Are you willing to turn off all web filtering for the day of EdCamp LI? *
Do you have broadband capability to connect 800+ devices in one day? *
Would your district be willing to sponsor a piece of the breakfast costs? *
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