Player Survey - Even The Rabbits
Thank you for playing our prototype! We're excited to move on to the next stage of development. If you'd like to help us make a better game, we'd be very interested in hearing your thoughts so far.

Thank you!
ā€” CatJail Studios
What is your age?
What system do you typically play games on?
How long did you play the demo for?
Did you beat the demo?
How would you rate the difficulty?
Piece of Cake
Extremely difficult
What did you use to play?
Did you find the layout of the controls comfortable?
Not at all
Did you find the gameplay?
Poor overall experience
Extremely fun
Let us know if you have any thoughts about the controls or player abilities.
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How interested are you in playing the complete game?
Not at all
Let us know if you liked anything in particular about the game or if you have any criticisms. All feedback is helpful!
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