dB-SERC lunch discussion 07-16-2018: Utilizing technology to advance engagement and availability in large lecture general chemistry courses
discussion leader: Dr. Michelle Ward, chemistry
when: Monday July 16 from 12 - 1 pm
where: 321 Allen Hall
Although instructors offer office hours, some students have a packed schedule where it is in the evening hours that they really have the opportunity to focus on working on the course material – and even the most dedicated professors do not have the ability to be in the office from early morning through late evening. With the right technology platform, professors can improve student engagement and instructor availability. Dr. Ward will integrate the platform “Shindig” in her general chemistry courses. Shindig allows for a multitude of features ranging from applications in scheduled virtual review sessions and office hours in evenings, breaking students up into groups to work on problems then come back to the “class” to report and/or ask questions, posting recordings of sessions that students could not attend, and one-on-one instructor-student and student-student interactions. This platform also provides tracking student involvement, which could be compared to performance, providing a means of assessment to support and enlighten faculty looking to incorporate innovative means of engaging students in large lecture courses. The purpose of the lunch discussion is to provide feedback on the project and encourage an interchange of ideas.
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