Teal Dot Training Request Form
Thank you for your interest in having a Teal Dot training! Here are a few guidelines for submitting a request:

- We need at least two weeks' advance notice for all training requests. Submitting this form does not automatically confirm your event - someone from the Teal Dot Committee will reach out within 72 hours to confirm details and/or follow up with questions.

- Groups of 20 or less may be asked to combine with another group for a training, dependent on the availability of Teal Dot Facilitators. If you or someone else is a trained Teal Dot Facilitator and would like to facilitate your training, please denote that in the last section of this form.

- Forms submitted over extended breaks (spring, summer, and winter) will be responded to once classes resume.

If you have any questions or need assistance with this form, please contact the Teal Dot Committee of the Claremont Colleges by emailing tealdotclaremont@gmail.com.
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How many participants will you have in this training? *
If you have a particular date/time that works best for you, please provide it here. If not, we will reach out and contact you with scheduling options.
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