Being SPOKKZ, we always love Video contents, especially good ones! And we are currently on the lookout for Participants that have good video creation skills to spread the gospel. To participate in this bounty, simply perform the following steps:

STEP 1: Subscribe to SPOKKZ Official TELEGRAM Group (https://t.me/SpokkzOfficial)
STEP 2: Subscribe to our Youtube Channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWtrnwbeAUwNDzTcilDWCBQ)
STEP 3: Upload your video to YouTube/Dailymotions/Your Website and Submit your Participation to us on the Google Form before 10PM based on the last date of the Week (GMT +8, Check Exact Time here: https://time.is/GMT+8)

That's it! You may view the Results of the Week on our Bitcointalk Thread at 3PM (GMT +8) on Tuesdays after Your Participating Week.

- Successful Participants will be announced on our BitcoinTalk Thread.
- Rewards are as follow:
a. High Quality Video: 2750-7500 SPKZ Tokens (Clear explanation & Description of SPOKKZ, Generic Content-review & Analysis. Voiceover and captions are available in this video)
b. Mid Quality Video: 1500-3750 SPKZ Tokens (Describe some features about SPOKKZ. Clear explanation who and what SPOKKZ is with graphics and sound)
c. Low Quality Video: 375-1500 Tokens (No clear description & Explanation. Only Graphics and Sound)

- A total of 500,000 SPKZ Tokens will be capped for this bounty. This bounty will end on 1 SEP 2018 (10PM) or upon reaching the Maximum Token distribution (ie. 500,000 SPKZ Tokens), whichever is earlier.

- Submissions have to be made within the Stipulated Date/Time Range as shown below. Please take note of the Date/Time Range for each week. Submissions made after the Stiplulated Date/Time Range will be considered for the following Week's Bounty.
- Video Specification Requirement: At least 720p Resolution (1280x720), must be ORIGINAL, and at least 2 minutes long.
- Videos must be uploaded on YouTube/Dailymotion or other sites that are of significant reach, and has to be Public and Freely available to view.
- Multiple sites upload of the same video will not qualify you to gain more tokens. We will count that as 1 Video.
- Videos with Negative mention/description/viewer responses of SPOKKZ will be disqualified.
- Remember that we welcome creativity and can give extra rewards at our own discretion in case of qualitative video content.
- If mention/description of SPOKKZ is only a part of your video, that part must be at least 20% of the entire video duration.
- Only 1 Video submission per week is allowed. You may create more but you will only receive rewards for 1 Video, each week.

- Visit https://spokkz.com for more information, we accept ETH/BTC/ZIL as modes of payment

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