Tessel Community Survey
The Tessel Project is a community-driven, open source hardware and software project. In order to continue improving and creating products for folks to build really awesome stuff, we need to know what the people –you!– want to make.
Imagine a new device:
A small, low-powered board which can support sensors and actuators (including Tessel modules). You could use several of these boards in a network, and you’d control them from a central base station to which they are wirelessly connected.

Ideally, what would this device be like? How would you use it?

Do you have a project (or a few) in mind that this is good for?
How many of these little boards would you want to use in a given network?
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How far do you expect to communicate with this device?
How would you ideally interact with a network of these low-power boards?
How much would you expect one of these low-power boards to cost?
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Tell us about your project ideas!
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May we follow up with you on your answers? If yes, please leave an email address here:
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