I AM BRUIN STRONG -- Stories of Resilience
Project Bruin Strong is a multimedia project that explores the idea of "resilience". Project Bruin Strong seeks to normalize challenges, failures and set-backs during the college experience and to build community among students so that they are aware that they are not the only ones dealing with failure, rejection or disappointment in a learning environment.

To reinforce these ideas, we would like our faculty and staff to share their stories of resilience. With your help, students will know that we have all experienced difficult times at some point in our lives; and we have also pulled through, bounced back, and we have also overcome those challenges or set-backs. With your story, we can highlight that a critical part of growing and evolving is rooted in learning from these obstacles.

Your "I am Bruin Strong" story should highlight how you got through a difficult experience, academic or non-academic. Your Bruin Strong Story will be shared online through the Bruin Strong website, Facebook page, and potentially printed for a display showcase. These stories of strength can help current students who may be experiencing similar challenges.

For more information, please go to www.bruinstrong.ucla.edu.
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