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Thank you for your interest bringing enrichment programming to youth in the Litchfield County Region. Litchfield Education Foundation is proud to provide funding support in the areas of Multiculturalism, Literacy & Creative Writing, STEM, Civis & Debate, and Business & Entrepreneurship.

We look forward to learning more about your program and its impact on youth.

Please note:
LEF will subsidize after-school programming at a rate of 50%/session (sessions are for 1-1.5 hours) with a guarantee of 6 students participating. Additional costs will be paid by the student. If less than 6 students sign up, LEF will pay the full cost of the session to meet the 6 student threshold.

LEF will offer financial aid to students as needed.

LEF will pay transportation costs for instructors living out of the Litchfield, Warren, Goshen, Morris of $ 1/mile traveled in both directions. The travel distance is determined by the mailing address of business or instructor address whichever is closer.

LEF will initially coordinate with program locations to host the offering in the Litchfield area until established (Community Center, co-working space, public schools, library, etc.)

Students will pay vendor directly (or Park and Rec department if hosted in school building). LEF will pay subsidy and travel costs after program execution.

LEF will market offering thru public schools emails, LEF emails, website, and posters.

Proof of insurance must be provided prior to approval.

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