RMT calls on government to fully fund TfL and London Underground
TFL, including the Tube, has faced years of cuts as a self-funding model has been imposed by government and the London Mayor.

The Covid pandemic has shattered that funding model and left TFL facing a shortfall of at least £3.2bn for the current financial year.

The government’s response has been to appoint consultants KPMG to identify further cuts to TFL/London Underground’s budgets.

Already free travel for under 18s has been axed. Many projects to provide step-free access on the tube have also been abandoned.

RMT is calling on the government to fully fund TFL and London Underground. Passengers should not suffer a cut to services. Those who rely on free travel should not pay for the crisis in TFL funding. The aim of improving the accessibility of public transport in London must not be sacrificed to pay for the crisis in TFL funding. Workers who have kept the tube and other transport services in London moving throughout the Covid pandemic must not be made to pay for the crisis in TFL funding through attacks on their jobs and conditions.

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