Cathedral Theatre: Radium Girls
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FEES: Below you will find both OPTIONAL and REQUIRED fees for participating. You will be asked to total all of your expenses after making your selections.
Fees, optional (Please select quantify for each) *
DVD ($20.00 each)
Photo, 5 x 7 ($5 each)
Photo, 8 x 10 ($10 each)
Blu Ray ($25.00 each)
T-shirt, optional $15.00 each (Please select quantity based on size.) *
No t-shirt
1st T-Shirt
EXTRA T-Shirt (?)
Costume/Script Fees, required ($45) *
Tech Week Food, required ($20.00) *
If you require financial aid, please contact Mr. Moffatt or Mr. Z directly.
Do you have any food restrictions or allergies? (We cannot guarantee we can accommodate, but we will do our best!) *
PARENTS! Make this season a success. We need your help! Meet other Cathedral families while serving and supporting our talented thespians and crew. The Backstage Boosters will donate all profits toward the Cathedral thespian college scholarship fund.
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CaTheatre Program Support: Donations and Backstage Boosters
Parents, please consider supporting CaTheatre through a financial donation and by joining the Backstage Boosters.

Theatre Sponsorship Level: Director $500 and up; Producer $300 - $499; Leader Role $200 - $299; Stage Manager $100 - $199; Company Member $25 - $99

Backstage Boosters provide a wealth of support to the department through providing food during tech week, decorate students lockers, financial fundraiser of flowers, candy, and snacks, provide warm greetings to the students through snack and flower sales, and more.
Would you like to make a donation to the CaTheatre Program? (If so, please note amount below AND please write your name as you wish for it to be listed in the program)
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Would you like a Booster to contact you to sign up to help? *
PRINT, SIGN, AND RETURN your email confirmation to Mr. Z or Mr. Moffatt with a check for fees. Please paper clip the check to the form or place both in an envelope. (Siblings may write one check. Please make notation at the bottom)
There is a black mailbox in the theatre shop where you can turn them in. [ If you do not receive an email, first check Junk/Spam/Clutter mail. If there is no email, contact Mrs. Ann Morrell at Please use the Subject line: Missing confirmation email.

NOTE: After submitting the form, you will receive an email. Please check junk, spam or clutter if you do not see the email.
Forms for the cast are due Wednesday, Sept. 18 to Mr. Z. Crew should watch for an email from Mr. Moffatt.
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