Emissary to Emissary Referrals
Who are we looking for?
We're looking for people exactly like you: leaders in any industry who are interested in sharing their knowledge with teams who will directly benefit from their guidance. We're looking to grow our community of high-achievers who are energized by providing guidance to teams who want to be and do better.

Our most successful Emissaries share the following traits:

Relevance: Have departed a sizable (think Fortune 500) company within the last two years.
Leadership: Have held director roles or above, with a focus on either technology or
Natural Mentors: Possess advising experience, and/or an innate passion for sharing
knowledge in service to others.
Decision-Makers: Have established, facilitated, or worked in close proximity to external
technology partnerships.
Positive Relationship: Still connected to their former employer(s), with a finger on the pulse
of the current goings-on.

If you know someone great, we'd love to speak with them.
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