The Playing Survey: Three questions
Below are three questions that seek to learn what you like most, and what inspires you most about golf. We’ll use the answers to create a better experience. By the way, you don’t even have to add your name (unless you wish to). This isn’t going to be used to create a profile. The data will be used to understand global thinking and trends.
Social or Competitive
When you come out to play golf, on most occasions, how important is the social and recreational experience vs the game as a sport with competition? We’ve set up the table below with 5 locations on a scale of 1 (the most social) to 5 (the most competitive).
Which of these rankings would most closely align with your positioning?
On the table above, where do you rank from 1-5?
Fun and recreational
Sport and competition
What motivates you most as you arrive?
You’re on the way to the golf course to play 18 holes. We think everything we’ve listed below is important, but can you rank them in order of most important (1) to least important (10). You’re not allowed any that are equal. One must always, however slight, be more important than the other.
Course condition
Speed of play / Time to get round
The time with friends
I have a best ever score
The locker rooms are immaculate
The roll on the greens is true
I win my game
I play better than usual
The weather is good
Service is high-quality
The fun of different formats
Please rate the formats below from 1 (I don’t enjoy) to 5 (absolutely love it):
Individual Stroke Play
I don't enjoy
Absolutely love it
Individual Matchplay
I don't enjoy
Absolutely love it
Pairs Best Ball Competition
I don't enjoy
Absolutely love it
Fourball Team Events
I don't enjoy
Absolutely love it
Scramble Drive Events
I don't enjoy
Absolutely love it
Remember this is not meant to be anything like a comprehensive list. We’re trying to get a feeling for what sort of formats appeal most, and which don’t.
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