Nechako Bottle Depot - Donation Application Form
The Nechako Bottle Depot in Prince George believes in giving back to the community. Each year we choose from a list of organizations and community groups to give donations as matching funds to the money you raise.

Our process is simple:
1. Fill in this form to submit your organization/group's application
2. We will review the applications twice a year (approx in Feb and Oct)
3. We will inform you if you have been selected
4. Your organization/group needs to host a bottle drive at our location
5. You receive matching funds for the money you raise.

Please do NOT contact our retail store. Only organizations that are selected to receive the donations will be contacted.
Name of your organization or group
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Contact Person
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Describe your organization
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How many people (kids & adults) will our donation help?
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Why should we select your organization?
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Thank you!
Thank you for your time. We wish you the best of luck in your fundraising efforts.

Please be aware, even if you are not selected for a donation grant, you can still hold your fundraising efforts at our depot. The Nechako Bottle Depot can help by setting up an account under your organization's name. This means that you can guide your fundraising efforts to our location so that family and friends can allocate their bottles to your organization. Here on some tips on how to make your bottle drive successful:

NOTE: Our depot is the ONLY FULL REFUND depot for beer bottles and cans. This means your organization receives more money for the returns. $1.20 / dozen.

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