Healing Your Child Self
Your answers will be emailed to you. Your email will be used for this purpose only. Your privacy is important to us. As you answer the prompts, draw upon the deepest wisdom you've gained over the years. Be thoughtful and compassionate. The state of mind you're in as you type will determine the quality of the result you get. Write with your heart!
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Choose a specific memory in which you were struggling as a child. Describe that memory below.
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As a adult, enter into a state of wisdom and compassion. Write below the positive lessons you have learned from the above memory.
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Talk to the child in your memory. Write below any words of wisdom you have for your child self. Speak the words in your mind as you type and 'see' the child taking in your words.
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How do you want to relate to this child part of you from now on? Tell your child here.
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Summarize any insights or lessons learned during this process.
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