Brackett Elementary Diversity and Inclusion Group (DIG): Listening to Families
The Diversity and Inclusion Group (DIG) is a group of interested and committed volunteer parents of students at the Brackett. The goal of this parent volunteer group is to raise awareness about diversity & inclusion in order to provide a safe learning space and welcoming environment for all our children and their respective families.

Each student at Brackett Elementary is a unique individual and all students have much in common. Every student is a cherished member of our school community. All students share the right to a safe, stimulating, inclusive, and joyful environment in which to learn and grow.

Each student has a sense of identity, and at Brackett we want to make sure that each and every student feels included, respected, and valued. As our students are members of a diverse and rich community and as we want to prepare them to be successful in a global community, we also want our students to have the knowledge and skills they’ll need to understand people from different walks of life and to treat everyone compassionately and fairly.

This year the Diversity and Inclusion Group will engage our entire community in exploring and developing the best ways to make sure that our wonderfully diverse school is also unified when it comes to everyone feeling equally included, respected, and valued.

This project is being led by the parent volunteers of the Brackett Elementary DIG. We begin with listening. We are inviting and encouraging teachers and families to share their views on important issues related to creating and maintaining an inclusive and respectful community. We hope you will provide your thoughts by completing this brief survey. The survey is anonymous so we can learn as much as possible and invite you to share comfortably in your response(s). The input we receive will tell us what’s most important to members of our community and help us to shape the upcoming listening sessions. By listening closely to what you have to say, we’ll gain a good sense of what we need to learn to help our community grow.

After gaining the wisdom of the community through listening, both with the survey and the listening sessions, we will begin developing a series of initiatives to address the most important issues raised by the Brackett community. We’re eager to begin. We hope to hear from you soon!

In addition to using the survey to share your thoughts anonymously, you are also very welcome to e-mail us directly to share your thoughts at All survey responses received by Friday, October 5th will be reviewed by the Brackett DIG steering committee to help in forming our mission and deciding on our goals and projects for the 2018-2019 school year.

Thank you,
Kristina Fontanez, parent of third grader
Lynette Martyn, parent of Kindergarten & second graders
Brackett Elementary Diversity & Inclusion Group (DIG) Co-Chairs

Credit: Brackett survey, both invite and content, adapted from materials supplied by Dr. Carlos Hoyt, Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, Equity & Inclusion Advocate, and consultant to Arlington Public Schools. We are also thankful for review and thoughtful suggestions from Heather Peske.

Please indicate the grades of your child(ren) (select all that apply)
What are the aspects of identity that you feel are descriptive of your child(ren) and family?
Using a scale of 1-5, please indicate the extent to which your child(ren)'s identity is valued at Brackett. For the purpose of this question, we are defining identity based upon your answer to the previous question.
identity not valued at all
identity often or highly valued
What are the most meaningful things Brackett could do to make our community as inclusive as possible? In other words, what should be our highest priorities?
What would you like to learn that would contribute to your understanding of people who have different identities than you?
Your answer
What do you hope Brackett will teach your child(ren) about understanding people who have a different identity than yourself?
Your answer
What do you hope Brackett will teach your child(ren) about treating everyone compassionately and fairly?
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Please provide any other information you think might be helpful.
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