Shearing Request Form
To obtain a price estimate and begin the process of setting a date for your shearing day, please answer the questions below. I cannot provide an accurate estimate without your answers, and this form will reduce the amount of future communication needed to set a date and get your sheep sheared. Please answer briefly and to the best of your ability, and thank you.
First and Last Name *
Email *
Address where shearing will take place. I must have this information to map driving time and establish pricing. *
Phone number (ideally a mobile number that can receive calls and text messages)
What breed(s) are your sheep? If you do not know, that is okay; state that here. I will review a photo of your sheep later. *
How many sheep total need to be sheared? What sex are your sheep (ewe, ram, wether), and how many of each sex need to be sheared? *
How old are your sheep? Do you have any yearlings who have never been sheared before? *
Please describe the general physical condition of your sheep. Are any of your sheep pregnant, or new mothers? Are they sickly, thin, or full of poison oak and blackberry? Are they pets, or high quality fiber sheep for spinning? *
When were your sheep last sheared? If they have never been sheared, how many years of wool do they have on them? *
Who has sheared your sheep in the past, or are you contacting a shearer for the first time? If someone else sheared for you, why do you want a different shearer? *
Do you need other flock management tasks accomplished at the same time as shearing, such as hoof and/or horn trimming, deworming drenches, and so on? If so, please describe.
What is your preferred timing, and what are some specific dates you have available? Please give an overview of your availability (only weekdays; only weekends, etc.), as well as specific dates that might work. *
Please add any comments, concerns, or other information you would like me to know. If you are worried about hot weather, rest assured that wool is a breathable fiber even when on your sheep, and they will be fine with shade and water.
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