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Your Plant Based journey is about to get SO much easier!
We know how stressful it can be to change / maintain something as MONUMENTAL as healthy eating habits.
Which is why Meal Prep through Authentique Cafe is here to handle all of the hard stuff!
NO more hours searching on youtube for recipes!
NO more walking down endless isles at the grocery store, to find the rare ingredient that you'll only use once for a specific recipe that will probably end up being gross anyways….
And certainly - NO more rotten veggies hanging out in that drawer at the bottom of the fridge.
For LESS money than you'd pay at a fast food shop, you can have Delicious Nutritious meals delivered right to YOU!
We - Shop, Cook, and Prep EVERYTHING!
So the only thing you'll have to do is reheat and enjoy your made from scratch Authentique meal!
Once we have received your order form, a request for payment will be sent to you.
Orders will not be processed until payment has been received.
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::ALLERGY DISCLAIMER:: Everything we offer is FULLY Plant Based so if you have a meat or dairy allergy you should be perfectly fine! However, some of our products do contain nuts, soy and gluten. We've noted which ones are 'nut, soy and gluten free' with: *NF=Nut Free, *SF=Soy Free, *GF=Gluten Free. (But PLEASE keep in mind all of our products are made in a location containing these ingredients. We will do our best to make sure no cross contamination happens, but if you have a serious allergy we recommend possibly choosing a different meal prep service to accommodate your specific needs. There will also be an additional fee of $2. for Gluten Free breads and wraps if requested as a substitute.)
Preferred Form of Payment, also please note : Your payment must be paid in full BEFORE food is prepared. (Regardless of payment option, a personalized receipt will be sent to your email) *
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