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Congress authorized the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to establish the Youth Access to American Jobs in Aviation Task Force (YIATF). The objective of YIATF is to provide recommendations to FAA that will encourage students to pursue in-demand careers in aviation. The YIATF is examining trends that directly or indirectly encourage or discourage young people from pursuing aviation careers. To assist the Task Force in understanding the role of the educator and what recommendations would best support the goal, we seek your input. Your responses are greatly appreciated! Your responses will be anonymous. A summary of the de-identified, aggregated results will be shared with the YIATF.  

Estimated time to complete: 5-7 minutes.

For questions, contact, Yvette Rose, President, Aero Club Foundation of Washington,

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1. Please select the grade(s) you currently teach:
2. Please select your geographic location:
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3. Please select your demographic location:
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4. Please select the following school category:
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5. Do you engage in aviation/aerospace career exploration/awareness in the classroom with your students?
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6. If you answered YES above, please identify which careers are explored in your classroom.
7. Based on your answers to question 6, please briefly explain why you do or do not engage in career exploration/awareness in the classroom.
8. How would you describe your level of knowledge:
Various aviation/aerospace careers
Pathways to pursue aviation/aerospace careers
Available aviation career resources to provide your students
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9. What activities would most pique your students' interest in aviation/aerospace?
10. What do you need to support aviation/aerospace education for your students? Please check up to 3.
11. Would you be interested in attending an Aviation/Aerospace Teacher Development Program?
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12. Please indicate here if you’d be interested in learning more about adding aviation/aerospace career exploration in the classroom.
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13. Please list any other suggestions on how aviation/aerospace could be introduced to the educational environment.
14. Would you be willing to participate in a virtual focus group to discuss your responses more fully and learn more about aviation/aerospace resources available to you? If yes, please share your contact information.
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